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4th Battalion Of The Kumaon Regiment

Mahadevi Verma Jayshanakar Prasad

                      Mahadevi Verma                    Jayshanakar Prasad                             Issue date : 16/09/1991                                Issue by : India About :.        Mahadevi Verma Mahadevi Verma born in 1907 at Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, India. She died on 11/09/1987. Mahadevi Verma was the Greatest Hindi Literature of India. All time greatest Hindi poets of India, Mahadevi Verma Honoured by many Awards. She was a painter too. About :.    Jayshanakar Prasad Jayshanakar Prasad was born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in 1890.he belonged to a rich family.he died in 1937.         Jayshanakar Prasad was a great writer, he wrote many plays,drama and Novels. (Jayshanakar Prasad) his contribution to hindi literature was a memorable and great contribution. They both were. Great poet and writer of India.


                     N.Monturiol                                    Issue date : 1992                            Issue by : Cambodia About :   N.Monturiol ( Narciso Monturiol) was born on 28/09/1819 in Spain. He died on 06/09/1885. He was an Inventor, artist,engineer and politician.  In 1858 N. Monturiol presented his project which is based on a scientific thesis and the making of his first submarine.            

1 st Indian Oil Refinery at Guwahati, Assam

     The Inauguration of the 1 st Indian Oil Refinery at Guwahati, Assam                   Issue Date : 01/01/1962                          Issue by : India About :    The 1 st Indian Oil Refinery stamps and first day cover by Prime Minister Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru On 01/01/ is India's another achievement of industrial system. The first Indian Oil Refinery established in guwahati. It is the development plans of Production of oil is a high priority. Crude oil the wells cannot be used easily. Petrol,kerosene,high speed diesel and light Diesel oil, lubricant oil,heavy fuel oil and other such products all the consumer gets from crude mineral oil.

Belize : 💯 th death Anniversary of sir Rowland Hill & 75 th Anniversary of ICAO

     Belize : 💯 th death Anniversary of sir Rowland Hill & 75 th Anniversary of ICAO               Issue date : 1979            Issue by : Belize About : ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO) is an agency of the United Nations established in 1944 with 54 countries. ICAO headquarters in Canada.its established for the safety of international civil aviation. About : Sir Rowland Hill Sir Rowland Hill born on03/12/1795 at England and died on 27/08/1879 in England. Sir Rowland Hill was a english teacher, inventor and social reformer. Sir Rowland Hill was a postal reformer.his model for the postal system to serve public and business and including postage stamps.               

Henry Farman 1978 Mongolia

                       Henry Farman                       (1874-1958)                          Issue Date : 1978                     Issue by : Mongolia About :    Henry Farman a famous Aviator born on 26/05/1874 in Paris,and died on 17/07/1958 in Paris. Henry Farman a great Aviator who was a manufacturer and designer of Aircraft. Henry Farman before Aviator he was a sportsman as a cycling and motor racing. In 1909 Henry Farman design and built aircraft. It's called The "Farman" Type. Henry Farman win the International Michelin Cup for the long distance flight.                      

S.K.C.G. ( Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati) college Autonomous

      S.K.C.G. ( Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati) college Autonomous  Paralakhemundi, Orissa,India.                (1896 to till now )      Issue date : 25/05/1996           Issue by : India About :      In 1857 a primary grad school was made by Sri Raja Saheb of paralakhemundi at present SKCG College. It became a middle class school in 1878 and it became a high school in 1884 ,in 1896 it became a second grade college. After Independence of India Indian state government took over the college. In 1980 this college started for post graduate classes. More than 💯 years of SKCG College before starting a primary school by Raja Saheb of paralakhemundi, many politicians,social workers and professionals have passed out and made an impression in India and abroad.

Rafi Ahmed Kidwai (1894-1954)

                Rafi Ahmed Kidwai                           (1894-1954)       India's first communication minister and Author of All-Up Airmail Scheme.                    Issue Date : 01/04/1969             Issue by : India The P& T ( postal and telegraph) Department issue on this stamp and first day cover of the 25 th Anniversary of All- Up Airmail Scheme. The honour of p&t department services in this country and for p & t staff. About : Sri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai born on 18/02/1894 in uttar pradesh India.he died on 24/10/1954 in delhi. Sri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai was a colourful personality in indian political life. He was an extraordinary personality and lovable person. Sri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai pursue bachelor of law, but he left the college to respond to mahatma gandhi's call for non corporation,and his political career start. Sri Rafi Ahmed Kidwai is not with us but his contribution and love for the country always in our memory.

Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi

            Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi                   ( 1890- 1931)           ISSUE DATE : 25/03/1962 ISSUE BY : INDIA The P&T Department (post and telegraph) issue this stamp and first day cover of Mr. Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi a great freedom fighter and journalist & founder, editor of hindi newspaper. About :    Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi was born on 1890 at Allahabad.he belong poor but religious family.he died 1931. Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi pass High school,he not study higher education because of poverty.and later he became a teacher.  Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi interest about journalism, he know very well hindi and urdu journals and he became freedom fighter.

Ashutosh Mookarjee 1864-1924

               Ashutosh Mookarjee        

50th anniversary Correo Aereo Internacional

  50th anniversary correo aereo  internacional     issue date : 1977 issue on : cuba   1.aereo cuba correos 1913 parca-1952. 2.primer viaje habana- key west  habana- cuba servicio aereo. 3.republica de cuba servicio aereo internacional. 4.habana- madrid april- 26 de 1948. 5.republica de cuba correos en constellation de lubana de aviacion.     

150th Birth Anniversary Of Zeppelin

      150th Birth Anniversary Of Zeppelin                        Issue Date : 1988            Issue by : Hungary About :       This stamps published of the 150 th   birth anniversary Mr. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. He born on 08/07/1838 at germany. And died 08/03/1917. Zeppelin was working in a germany military. He build airship. After his resignation from the army he fully involved to build Airship.  Zeppelin made the first flight in 1900 at germany. LZ-1 his first successful experimental airship LZ means "Luftschiff Zeppelin" He build LZ-1, LZ-2,LZ-3 AND LZ-4. Zeppelin creat the history of air transportation.             

First aerial post golden jubilee 1911-1961

      Golden Jubilee of the First Official   Airmail Flight                            Issue Date : 18/02/1961             Issue by : India About :            The world's first airmail was started in india 18/02/1911. The pilot was a Frenchman mr. Henri piquet who carry the cards and letters with two seater plane from Allahabad to Naini.                    

Leonardo da Vinci

                   Leonardo da Vinci                                            Issue Date : 1978          Issue On : Zaire ( now republic of Congo). About :                   Leonardo da Vinci was a most famous Italian Artist, Scientist,Inventor and having many more skills. This postage stamp published by Zaire ( now republic of Congo).  Leonardo da Vinci Born 15/04/1452 and died 02/05/1519. The world's famous painting of Mona Lisa  Made by Leonardo da Vinci.                                       

75 th Anniversary Hermanos Wright

        75 th Anniversary Hermanos Wright                            Issue Date : 1978                         Issue On. : Nicaragua                                 Wright brothers                   This stamp Issue Date 1978 and Issue on Nicaragua. This stamp series of Wright Brothers Mr. Orville Wright and Mr. Wilbur Wright. They both from USA were originate,build and fly world's first motor operated plane successfully.

David Schwarz Hungary Airship

                                              David Schwarz                                    Issue Date : 1977                      Issue On : Hungary    David Schwarz was a Engineer and Inventor. He was born 07/12/1850 at Hungary. He created Airship with a stiff covering made entirely of metal. He died 13/01/1897. He died few months before when Airship was flown. David Schwarz was a wood merchant before invention Airship. And he did not have any technical education but his hobby about mechanics and build Airship.he know about that.his dream to make world's first metal Airship.

A B Walawalkar

                 A. B. Walawalkar  postage stamp of AB Walwalkar.                      He was a working in Indian Railway As a engineer and he is the promoter of KonkanRailway. Issued by :  India Issued on : 09/10/1999 About :  His full Name was a  Arjun Balwant Walawalkar.  He was Born on  27/12/1897  at  Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra, India.  He Died  on 23/12/1970 o  A. B. Walawal kar (1897-1970) was a  visionary engineer who made the development of Railway by his great skills.  He belong a very humble background from theSindhudurg District of Maharashtra. He is  the founder of Konkan Railway. We remember him As a "FATHER OF KONKAN RAILWAY.  Please follow and like and share my page and I do same for you. Thanks Today is the National Engineering Days. We  He

Bhartendu harishchandra

             Bharatendu Harishchandra postage stamp of Bharatendu Harishchandra father of present Hindi literature. Issued by : India Issued on : 09/09/1976  Bharatendu Harishchandra Born on 09/09/1850. Died on 06/01/1885. Activity : Novelist, poet, play write. Bharatendu Loyal his life to the Progress of Hindi literature. He was  the greatest Hindi writers of modern India. A great poet.  Bharatendu Harishchandra Awarded on 1983 for promoting original writing in India Mass Communication. He was know very well different languages like   Marwari,Gujrati,Bengali, Punjabi. Please follow and like and share my page and I do same for you. Thanks

Jupiter balloon USA Airmail explorer

       1 st USA Airmail BALLOON Issue Date : 17/08/1959     Issue by :  USA About: United States hot-air balloon jupiter. The balloon was fly  from Lafayette to Crawfordsville, Indiana on 17/08/1859.                        USA Balloon Explorer II        Issue Date.  : 31/03/1983        Issue On.     : USA About : The first balloon flight of USA it celebrating 200 Anniversary. The Balloon  Explorer II Use by  USA Army and National Geographic Society.

Philip mazzei us airmail stamp

       Philip Mazzei Issue Date: 13/10/1980 Issue On : USA About :   Philip Mazzei was born on 25/12/1730  in Italy. Italian business man,doctor. Before find work as a business man in London in 1755, mazzie study medicine in Florence & work as a doctor. He was a patriot. Mazzei died on 19/03/1816 in Italy.

Ramayana postage stamps minaturesheet

Ramayana postage stamps minaturesheet An ancient Indian Sanskrit epic written by Maharishi Valmiki:   Issued by India Released on September 22, 2017 About   :

the 25 th Anniversary Of Independence Day First Day Cover

                First Day Cover 15-8-1973 The First Day Cover of Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru On the 25 th Anniversary Of Independence Day.                                                                                       Issue by  :- India                                                  Issued on :- 15-8-1973 About :-    Mahatma Gandhi Full name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born on 2 nd October 1869 at porbandar Gujrat India.  Mahatma Gandhi was a indian lawyer, politician, social activist and writer.   Mahatma Gandhi became the leader of the national movement against the British rule of India.            One Magazine named Mahatma Gandhi Person of    the Year in 1930. The United Nations declared Gandhi ji's birthday, October 2nd, as the International Day of Non-violence in 2007. Gandhi  ji was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 5 times but never received the award. About :-  Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

Smt. Kamala Nehru

                   Smt. Kamala Nehru  Issued by ---- India Issued on ---- August 1st,1974 Issued for ----- The Post and Telegraph                                      Department. Feels Honoured to bring out a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of the 75 th Birth Anniversary Of this heroic woman.    Smt. Kamala Nehru given          the precious contribution for freedom for india. S Smt Kamala Nehru Born on 1st August,1899 She died 11 years before independence of India. She is daughter of Sri Jawaharmal Kaul. She is Wife of First Pri Minister of  Sri Jawahar Lal Nehru.